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Spazio - SAWStudio DirectX plugin

audio examples
Giulia - DRY (mp3 - 2.89 MB)
Giulia - WET (mp3 - 2.89 MB)
by Mistheria

Notes on “Giulia” © 2006 Mistheria
This is an orchestral track where the final mix has been created by a controlled but essential use of Spazio and Modula Pack effects. It is worthy to listen to the “dry” versions to understand how the effects are fundamental in creating a realistic balance among the instruments, especially when synthetic samples are used.

I used two instances of Spazio, one for the orchestra and the other for the piano. For the orchestra instance I chose the HALL algorithm a 3 sec decay and a 10000 cubic meter size. To highlight the piano part I used the same algorithm but with a brighter setting. This was obtained by reducing the damp value to 0.15 and increasing the LP cut to 8Khz. To add presence I also reduced the predelay value and the room size in respect to the ones used for the orchestra.

To allow a natural control of the amount of reverberation, both have been used in “send” mode. My aim was to create a realistic concert hall avoiding unwanted colourations and this was really easy with Spazio. The depth of the orchestra sections (strings, choir, woodwinds...) was obtained by controlling the amount of reverberation.

Then I used the Modula Pack C-Delay in “insert” mode on the piano to increase wideness and a add touch of “light” that is pleasing on this Largo movement. The C-Delay and the Chorus have been used on the the choir to confer more depth to the vocal parts. In this case I set a large delay with an high feedback value to achieve a warm and surrounding sound. At last I used the Chorus on the orchestral sections (Violins, Cellos, Doublebasses) to sweeten the harshness of the virtual instruments and to create a more homogeneous and balanced timbre.

The transparency and the musicality of these plug-ins allows me to obtain the desired result greatly improving the sound of an orchestral composition where balance and realism are essential. This can be obtained only if the effects offer a superior quality thanks to algorithms of absolute accuracy. ANWIDA Soft's effects are the right answer to the necessities of my work.

Composed, arranged and recorded by Mistheria.
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2006 - All rights reserved.

Professionals Say
"I am blown away- I'm mean blown away- by this plug. This is the cleanest, most lush verb I have ever laid ears on. The presets alone are extensive and every one is just top, top shelf. The plug is very easy to use too. I tried it out test driving lots of different presets. Phenomenal. I also went back to my favorite plugs for comparison; classic, waves, ambiance- and they do not even come close. Not even in the same league...there is no reason to use anything but Spazio now. I encourage EVERYONE who uses what they think is the best verb they have ever heard- be it plugin or hardware- to check out Spazio. I'll lay money down you'll find Spazio equals, or more often, blows them out of the water. Verb solved! 10"

Dan Mullins
Vibe Recording Studio