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DX Reverb Light
DX Reverb Light - VST SAWStudio DirectX plugin

version history
The plug-in has been redesigned for 64 bit OSes
SAWStudio format
VST format for PC and Mac
new graphic user interface (GUI)
built-in preset manager
new presets
scrolling presentation on startup can be disabled
other minor enhancements
Bug fixes
potential CPU denormalization (CPU spikes) bug on Intel P4 CPUs
GUI problem using Sonar
other minor bugs
First release

Professionals Say
"Congratulations! DX Reverb Light has received the Shareware Music Machine Top50 Download Award. There are over 4,500 music software titles listed, and yours is one of the 50 most downloaded Macintosh programs on Shareware Music Machine."

Shareware Music Machine Top50 Award Winner

Michael Meloni
Hitsquad Pty Ltd

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