Why you use MyCommerce Share-it as your authorized reseller?

All orders/payments are handled by our reseller/partner MyCommerce Share-it (part of Digital River). This allows us to offer our clients several payment methods worldwide, and, with clients in over 140 countries, it reduces the worldwide TAX/VAT administration and thus we can spend more time on the development and support of our products.

I have problems with my order. What can I do?

If you have problems with your order, please contact the MyCommerce Support and read the MyCommerce F.A.Q.

How can I get my invoice/receipt?

You receive an invoice/receipt in PDF format in your mailbox after the order is completed. In case you no longer have it, you can download a copy via https://www.mycommerce.com/order-lookup/

I just bought a plugin. Where can I download the full version?

If you paid by credit/debit card, transferred your payment online during the order process, or used a purchase order you will receive the download links immediately with your order confirmation.
If you have selected a different payment type, the delivery will be initiated as described above as soon as MyCommerce Share-It receives your payment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your payment is received.
After you have placed your order, we suggest you to create your personal account (“My Account”) on https://www.anwida.com/my-account/
The same email specified during your order must be used as your email address.
In your “My Account” area (in the “My Downloads” tab) you will be able to download all the products you have purchased and all the updates you are entitled to. Please, notice that, after your “My Account” is created, it may take up to 48 hours for the downloads to appear in your dashboard.

When do I qualify for a free upgrade?

Once you buy ANWIDA Soft software, you are eligible for a complimentary (free) upgrade to all its minor releases (i.e. if you purchased release version 1.1 then you can freely upgrade to all versions up to 1.99).

Do I have to purchase the PC (VST3) and Mac (AU/VST3) versions separately?

No. Both the PC (VST3) and Mac (AU/VST3) versions can be downloaded and installed on all the computers you own, but only one instance at the same time can be used.


What are the limitations of the demo version of your plugins?

The demo version of our plugins is identical to the full version, except that audio output is silenced every 15 seconds.

Which plugin formats are supported?
  • Windows: VST3 (64-bit)
  • OS X / macOS: VST3, Audio Units (Universal 2 Binary)
Which OSes are compatible with ANWIDA Soft plugins?
  • PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 (64-bit Windows only)
  • Mac: OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.15, macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 13 (Ventura), macOS 14 (Sonoma)


What support do I get after purchasing your plugins?

You receive support free of charge via our tech support e-mail.

I am trying to contact you via the contact form and email but I do not receive any replies. Why?

If you do not receive a reply within 24/48 hours, we recommend you to check your Spam / Junk e-mail folder.

Where do the plugins install to? What is the default directory?

To make the installation process as simple and smooth as possible, the plugins are installed at predefined folder locations depending on the operating system:

OS X / macOS platform

  • VST3: /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3/ANWIDA Soft/
  • AU: /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/ANWIDA Soft/
  • Factory presets: /Library/Audio/Presets/ANWIDA Soft/[PLUGIN-NAME]/

Windows platform

  • VST3: /Program Files/Common Files/VST3/ANWIDA Soft/
  • Factory presets: [ProgramData]/VST3 Presets/ANWIDA Soft/[PLUGIN-NAME]/
  • User Manual: /Program Files/ANWIDA Soft/[PLUGIN-NAME]/


What is the "My Account" area for?

All customers, in their “My Account” area, will be able to download the purchased products and any updates to which they are entitled.

I did not purchase one of your products. Can I still create a user account?

Yes! You can create a user account without buying anything. You can download our free products or other eventual products reserved for registered users only.

Why I get the error "Your IP address is currently locked please contact the administrator!" when I try to login?

To prevent Login attack the IP address is locked out when you exceed three login retries. The IP address will be prevented from logging in for 60 minutes.

I'm trying to create an account but I don't receive the verification e-mail, what should I do?

If you did not receive an e-mail from us to verify your address, follow these steps:

  1. Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder;
  2. Check if the e-mail address you entered is correct;
  3. Try to resend the verification e-mail.

If you still do not receive the email, try to use a different e-mail address.

Free plugins missing from "My Account"?

In the “My Downloads” section of your account you can only find and download paid products.
In the “Free Downloads” section, instead, you will find the products only in the period in which they are offered for free.

I don't see my paid plugins in "My Account". Why?

You can find and download your paid plugins in the “My Downloads” section of your account. But, if you don’t see them there, probably:

  1. You have created your account some time after your purchase;
  2. You have cretated your account using a different email address from the one used to purchase the products.

In both cases, please contact us to fix the problem. Please, provide us with your full name, account email, MyCommerce Share-it Purchase ID and order date.

Can’t find the answer?

Let us know if you have any questions. We offer support both in English and Italian. Please, contact us at support@anwida.com