PEQ1V is a VST AU Parametric Equalizer plugin for Windows and macOS

Win 7 - Win 11
VST3 (64-bit)

OS X 10.10 – macOS 14



PEQ1V is a professional “old school” parametric equalizer plug-in based on an easy to use interface, that drives a powerful constant Q, minimum phase equalization algorithm.
The PEQ1V parametric equalizer is the tool of choice to control the equalizations of vocal parts, instruments or complex mixes.

PEQ1V provides an extremely transparent action with a natural and smooth response.

Intentionally, no visual representation of the equalizer frequency response of the filters is given on the interface. For this specific product, this choice was made “by design” to avoid the conditioning due to the visual feedback. Only ears count to pros.


  • minimum phase, constant Q equalizer
  • high/low shelf and 4 parametric peak/notch filter sections
  • extremely transparent action
  • 64 bit internal precision
  • highly optimized DSP code
  • ultra clean and noiseless processing
  • factory presets
  • parameter values can be entered manually
  • fully automatable (depending on host application)
  • stereo output (stereo->stereo)
  • HiDPI monitor support (depending on host application)
  • no hardware license dongle or activation required


Windows 7 - Windows 11
VST3 (64-bit)
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) – macOS 14 (Sonoma)
VST3, AU (Universal 2 Binary)

VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries



A parametric equalizer is a powerful tool to shape the frequency content of audio signals. Technically it is composed of a bank of filters, each with controllable parameters (as frequency, gain and bandwidth). This kind of processing unit is called “parametric” since changing these parameters and composing the effect of any single filter, it is possible to build the frequency response you need.

The PEQ1V uses high quality constant Q digital filters. This allows the isolation of every filter section from the effects of the amplitude with respect to center frequency and bandwidth. The result is an accurate and more musical control.

PEQ1V - Parametric EQ Plugin (VST3, AU)


Scot Solida

In practice, both equalizers performed admirably, and the sound quality is excellent, if not totally uncolored. AnwidaSoft have done an excellent job with these units. They look sharp, and sound great. The CPU usage is low enough to run a number of them on different channels. When I need a quality EQ, I find that I am repeatedly turning to these guys. …you might certainly want one or both of them, as they take some of the guesswork out of the everyday EQ tasks, and may sound better than the EQs that came bundled with your host. No matter what your host is, if your current equalizer seems overly confusing to you, these might just be a necessity.

James A. Putnam and Dennis L. Trunk
Musician's Tech Central

…As with a hardware unit, you can simply start pressing buttons and turning knobs to see what sounds you get. It couldn’t be easier…we found that the sound quality is exceptionally clean and clear, and that, whether we used the presets or any of our own settings, both EQs can powerfully re-shape the character of virtually any sounds fed through them…The easy usefulness and the comfortable feel of these EQs make them attractive and reliable for everyday use. Either one would make an excellent addition to any musician’s set of effects tools.

musician / producer

GEQ31V is fantastic. It has a beautifully smooth tone. The 20k band does exactly what I would want it to do – roll off the top end similar to a lowpass filter without damaging the character of the source.

Jerry McCrae
voice over talent

I wanted you to know that they are fantastic! Just what I need for the voice work that I do. Thanks for making me sound GREAT!

Michael Anthony
Journalist to EQ, Future Music, SOS, MacFormat, PC Live!

Beautifully conceived, Anwida plug-ins never disappoint. Highly recommended!

Eric VanLandingham
musician / audio engineer

Wow, I had no idea the plug-ins were this great! I have worked with them on a 1 minute drum track for a few hours and I am amazed at the quality. I am sold, these are the plugs needed to create pro sound within host recording apps.

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