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MODULA Suite Updated – Now 45% OFF

We have updated all MODULA Suite plugins: Phaser to v3.0.1: classic ’70s swirling phase effect Flanger to v3.0.1: captivating wooshing effect by a rich “thru null” stereo flanger Tremolo to v3.0.2: classic stereo tremolo C-Delay to v3.0.1: rich chorused delay for spatial stereo choruses and modulated delays Chorus to v3.0.1: thickness, width and 3D depth with…

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L1V, limiter/maximizer just released

We just released L1V, a high precision limiter/maximizer with a natural and smooth response. L1V is available now for OS X/macOS and runs as a VST3 & AU plugin. It loads natively in macOS Big Sur running on Apple Silicon and is distributed with a signed and notarized installer. The Windows version with VST3 support…

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ANWIDA Soft is back

ANWIDA Soft is back with its distinguished quality. All products have been redesigned for both the DSP engine and the GUI. The development process of our audio plugins relies heavily on UX (User eXperience) Design principles and methods. Skeumorphic design has been abandoned for new interfaces, characterized by neumorphic design. A modern evolution of the…

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