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SPATIO Light Updated – Your Ultimate FREE Reverb Plugin

SPATIO Light, heir of the renowned DX Reverb Light reverb, is the free reverb by ANWIDA Soft that in a few months from its release has achieved great reviews and thousands of downloads. We improved it further: Smoother decay; More refined bass response; Improved stereophonic image; Performance optimization; New presets. Here in ANWIDA Soft we…

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MODULA Suite Updated – Now 45% OFF

We have updated all MODULA Suite plugins: Phaser to v3.0.1: classic ’70s swirling phase effect Flanger to v3.0.1: captivating wooshing effect by a rich “thru null” stereo flanger Tremolo to v3.0.2: classic stereo tremolo C-Delay to v3.0.1: rich chorused delay for spatial stereo choruses and modulated delays Chorus to v3.0.1: thickness, width and 3D depth with…

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