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SPATIO Inverse, new Inverse Reverb Plugin

After the recent release of SPATIO Plate, we are pleased to announce the release of our brand new SPATIO Inverse, the second premium plugin in the SPATIO reverb suite. SPATIO Inverse is a VST3/AU plugin that offers true inverse reverberation. Inverse reverb is a special audio effect: a backwards reverb that slowly builds up instead…

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MODULA Suite Updated – Now 45% OFF

We have updated all MODULA Suite plugins: Phaser to v3.0.1: classic ’70s swirling phase effect Flanger to v3.0.1: captivating wooshing effect by a rich “thru null” stereo flanger Tremolo to v3.0.2: classic stereo tremolo C-Delay to v3.0.1: rich chorused delay for spatial stereo choruses and modulated delays Chorus to v3.0.1: thickness, width and 3D depth with…

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