SPATIO Plate Reverb, VST AU audio plugin

Win 7 - Win 10
VST3 (64-bit)

OS X 10.10 – macOS 11



SPATIO reverbs set a new standard of quality in the field of synthetic reverberation. Efficient and reliable reverbs, natural workhorses for your studio with a unique sound. Never lose time again to avoid metallic or inferior sounding settings. SPATIO reverbs will always provide you a luxurious sound. And this is even easier thanks to its user interface that allows you direct access and fast editing of the parameters while keeping a very precise control.

SPATIO Plate offers natural and dense vintage plate-style reverberation. Plate reverbs are characterized by a very rapid buildup of echo density followed by a smooth decay. SPATIO Plate allows you to create from highly granular to extremely diffuse reverberation.

SPATIO Plate is not intended to be the umpteenth clone of a legendary historical device, but it has been designed to provide you a flexible set of controls to tailor your own unique and distinctive sound in contemporary productions.


  • 64 bit internal precision
  • accurate control of echo density
  • precise control of damping and diffusion
  • highly optimized DSP code
  • ultra clean and noiseless processing
  • factory presets
  • parameter values can be entered manually
  • fully automatable (depending on host application)
  • stereo output (stereo->stereo)


Windows 7 - Windows 10
VST3 (64-bit)
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) – macOS 11 (Big Sur)
VST3, AU (Universal 2 Binary)

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In the past, portable reverberation units were a dream. It was impossible to add reverberation to a recording in a simple way. You had to use a proper reverberant room with loudspeakers and microphones inside to have some control on the reverberation during post-production.
One of the first “portable” devices was the EMT 140 plate reverb. Well, after all it wasn’t so portable. It weighted roughly 270 Kg, but it was definitely easier to transport than a room.
An electroacoustic plate reverb is made with large metal plates (that’s why this device is called “plate reverb”). The plate gets vibrated in accordance with a signal from a transducer and the vibration is sensed elsewhere on the plate with a pickup.
Nowadays, digital signal processing allows you to have this wonder packed into a much more portable audio plugin. SPATIO Plate realizes this wonder for you.

EMT 140 Plate Reverb


Eric VanLandingham
musician / audio engineer

Wow, I had no idea the plug-ins were this great! I have worked with them on a 1 minute drum track for a few hours and I am amazed at the quality. I am sold, these are the plugs needed to create pro sound within host recording apps.

Michael Anthony
Journalist to EQ, Future Music, SOS, MacFormat, PC Live!

Beautifully conceived, Anwida plug-ins never disappoint. Highly recommended!

Jesse Jost
Cakewalk Product Manager

I really like this reverb. Especially unique among reverb plug-ins are elements like plates and gates, they sound wonderful. The DX Reverb is a model plug-in with a lot of substance rolled into an intuitive, compact UI. Great job!

Craig Anderton
EQ Magazine

I particularly like the plates – they’re nice and silky with voice, and aggressive with snares – but the halls are equally satisfying…This fine-sounding reverb is versatile enough that you’re bound to find something that works for you among the 47 presets. If not, a little tweaking will get you there

Douglas Spotted Eagle
grammy-winning artist / producer

This freeware verb is frighteningly good! If nothing else, it’s absolutely worth the time for the free download. This little reverb sounds simply amazing…

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